Data Center, Expert (JNCIE-DC)

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On July 4, 2022, there will be a new exam for the Juniper Networks Certified Expert, Data Center (JNCIE-DC) certification. View the information for the new Data Center, Expert (JPR-981) exam.

The Data Center track enables you to demonstrate competence with advanced data center technologies and related configuration and troubleshooting skills. JNCIE-DC is at the pinnacle of the data center certification track.

The 1-day JNCIE-DC practical exam is designed to validate your ability to deploy, configure, manage, and troubleshoot Junos-based platforms. Throughout the 8-hour practical exam, you will build a data center network consisting of multiple MX Series and QFX Series devices. You will perform system configuration on all devices including management capabilities, a Clos IP fabric, EVPN/VXVLAN, DCI, and CoS features.

This track includes four certifications:

  • JNCIA-DC: Data Center, Associate. For details, see JNCIA-DC.
  • JNCIS-DC: Data Center, Specialist. For details, see JNCIS-DC.
  • JNCIP-DC: Data Center, Professional. For details, see JNCIP-DC.
  • JNCIE-DC: Data Center, Expert. For details, see the sections below.

Exam Preparation

We recommend the following resources to help you prepare for your exam. However, these resources aren't required, and using them doesn't guarantee you'll pass the exam.

Recommended Training

Exam Resources

Additional Preparation

Exam Objectives

Here’s a high-level view of the skillset required to successfully complete the JNCIE-DC certification exam.

Exam Objective



On-box Scripts

  • Event scripts
  • Commit scripts
  • Operation scripts


Junos Space

  • Auto discover
  • Configuration management



  • Initial provisioning of QFX Series switches using a CentOS DHCP server



Layer 2 Underlay

VCF configurations

  • Master and backup RE
  • Inactive state VCF member
  • VCP port setup


Convert interface speed

  • 40G to 4x10G



  • Interchassis link (ICL) redundancy
  • IRB MAC Sync
  • Layer 3 gateway function
  • ICCP

Layer 3 Underlay

BGP for an IP Clos fabric

  • Clos IP fabric
  • Loopback interface for routing updates
  • EBGP in an IP fabric
  • Avoid blackholing traffic
  • Routing policies

Controllerless Overlay

EVPN control plane

  • EVPN signaling
  • EVPN routes
  • VNI target communities
  • Prevent suboptimal routing
  • Inter-VRF routing
  • Automatic route-target
  • Load balancing
  • Anycast Gateway



  • Virtual tunnel end point function
  • VXLAN learning process
  • MAC address learning
  • Passing traffic between VNIs

Date Center Interconnect (DCI)


  • EVPN signaled VXLAN
  • L3VPN implementation


Control plane protection

  • Firewall filters
  • Role-base access control (RBAC)


SRX Series device as a gateway

  • Security zones
  • Security policies

Class of Service (CoS)

CoS features

  • Loss priority
  • Rewrite rules
  • Shaping and policing
  • Scheduling
  • BA and MF classification
  • Drop profiles
  • Traffic control profiles

Exam Details

Exam questions are derived from the recommended training and the exam resources listed above. The exam is only provided in English.

Exam Code


Prerequisite Certification

Delivered by

Exam Length

8 hours

Exam Type

Hands-on lab exam

Software Versions

  • MX80 Universal Routing Platform: 17.1
  • QFX5100 Switches: 14.1
  • vMX Virtual Router: 15.1
  • vSRX Virtual Firewall: 12.1


Juniper certifications are valid for three years. For more information, see Recertification.