Session Smart Router and SD-WAN Explainer (Demo)

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The still image from the video features four clouds in the sky above drawings of buildings below. The cloud on the left has the logos for Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. The next cloud has the Cisco webex logo and Microsoft. The third cloud has Lync and the biggest cloud says Internet. Three small dark circles at the bottom have SSR inside.

Think all SD-WANs are basically the same? Think again. 

No, not all SD-WANs are created equal. In this brief explainer, you’ll discover how Juniper Session Smart Routing offers a tunnel-free SD-WAN solution that allows you to save on bandwidth and costs while improving performance. What’s more, the Session Smart solution is highly secure against today’s toughest threats. So, if you’re looking for the fastest, most secure routing capabilities in the industry, look no further than Juniper’s SD-WAN and Session Smart Router. 

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You’ll learn

  • Four reasons why SD-WAN adoption has grown quickly 

  • How Juniper approaches SD-WAN in a different and better way 

  • How Session Smart SD-WAN is a highly secure solution for all users from anywhere 

Who is this for?

Network Professionals Business Leaders


0:00 software-defined wide area networks

0:02 sd-wan

0:03 is a term you've heard before in fact

0:06 it's a term you're hearing more and more

0:07 about right now

0:09 with a projected market size of 10

0:10 billion dollars in 2024

0:12 according to idc sd-wan is a virtual wan

0:16 architecture

0:17 allowing enterprises to leverage any

0:19 combination of transport services

0:21 such as mpls broadband lte

0:24 and satellite to connect users to

0:27 applications

0:28 managed service providers and

0:30 telecommunications providers

0:32 offer sd-wan functionality to

0:34 enterprises in support of

0:36 high-performance

0:36 business applications originally

0:39 deployed for its cost savings

0:41 capabilities

0:42 sd-wan adoption has grown due to its

0:45 ability to

0:46 improve reliability resiliency and scale

0:49 not all sd-wans are created equal

0:52 juniper networks approaches sd-wan in a

0:54 different way with session smart

0:57 for us it's about connecting users with

1:00 experiences

1:01 and we do this with sessions

1:03 applications have always used sessions

1:05 as a way of communicating

1:07 and we are the only sd-wan vendor able

1:10 to speak the session-based language of

1:11 applications

1:13 traditional wan and sd-wan solutions

1:16 communicate via packets

1:17 not sessions and that's where their

1:20 problem lies

1:21 packets require overhead and as a result

1:24 utilize more bandwidth

1:25 reducing the overall capacity and

1:27 increasing cost

1:30 juniper session smart sd-wan solves

1:32 these challenges

1:35 juniper's session-oriented session smart

1:37 sd-wan solution

1:39 is also tunnel free traditional sd-wan

1:42 solutions use tunnels

1:44 which cause links to clog up creating

1:46 packet loss and latency

1:49 tunnels not only slow down your traffic

1:51 but increase the cost and complexity of

1:53 your network

1:54 with session smart sd-wan you will save

1:57 on bandwidth

1:58 and cost ultimately allowing you to

2:00 achieve your business transformation

2:02 goals

2:03 our session smart routers are 100

2:06 software based

2:07 and work on any x86 hardware supporting

2:10 throughputs from 10

2:11 megabytes per second up to 100 gigabytes

2:13 per second

2:15 they can be centrally provisioned and

2:17 managed by the session smart conductor

2:20 session smart sd-wan is a highly secure

2:22 solution for all users

2:24 from remote workers and branch sites to

2:27 public and private clouds

2:29 with deny by default access policies our

2:32 solution is

2:33 xero trust providing a simple affordable

2:36 and distributed defense

2:38 that's highly effective against today's

2:39 toughest threats

2:41 let's sum up the session smart sd-wan

2:44 difference

2:45 session orientation a tunnel free

2:47 architecture

2:48 that enables a 30 to 40 percent

2:50 reduction in bandwidth costs

2:52 less cost less complexity higher

2:55 performance

2:56 and zero trust security that permeates

2:58 throughout the entire network

3:00 not just at the perimeter contact

3:02 juniper networks to start building the

3:04 perfect platform to help you offer

3:06 differentiated services

3:08 that you can manage at scale for your

3:16 customers

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