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The 2022 Juniper Elevate Awards with Mike Marcellin

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The Elevate Awards celebrate network innovators around the globe who use Juniper solutions to deliver exceptional experiences for their businesses, customers, and communities. Customers around the world were recognized in eight categories: AI Innovation, Data Center of the Future, Early Adopter, Empowering Change, Experience First, Game-Changing WAN, Security Excellence and Service Provider Transformation.

The selection process involved a combination of Juniper executive and external judges selecting the finalists and category winners. “The way these organizations leverage technology to simplify network operations and improve user experiences inspires us to continue developing innovative solutions to meet our customers’ needs, now and in the future,” said Mike Marcellin, Chief Marketing Officer, Juniper Networks.

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Mike Marcellin Headshot
Mike Marcellin
CMO, Juniper Networks


0:00 [Music]

0:07 thank you

0:09 hi I'm Mike marcellin Juniper's Chief

0:12 marketing officer and I'm so pleased to

0:14 share with you the customers we recently

0:16 honored at our fifth annual Juniper

0:18 Elevate Awards celebration

0:20 the awards recognize some of our most

0:22 Innovative customers from around the

0:24 world from Israel to Japan French

0:27 Polynesia to India and all across Europe

0:29 and the United States

0:31 they embody Juniper's fundamental

0:33 purpose of powering connections and

0:36 empowering change quite literally they

0:38 improve our world

0:40 they provide exceptional health care and

0:42 education deliver world-class Digital

0:45 entertainment and network connectivity

0:46 manage the Earth's precious natural

0:49 resources help pets in need and so much

0:52 more

0:53 we're proud of their accomplishments and

0:55 inspired by the positive impact they

0:57 make our judges selected them from a

0:59 broad slate of innovative candidates so

1:01 this honor is highly selective and very

1:04 well deserved

1:05 first I'd like to recognize this year's

1:08 finalists Who deliver Network

1:09 experiences that transform how people

1:11 connect work and live

1:15 and here are this year's winners

1:23 [Music]

1:31 please join me in congratulating these

1:33 incredible organizations and get

1:35 inspired by reading their stories at

1:37 juniper.net customers

1:39 [Music]

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