AI-Driven Enterprise for Managed Services

Deliver growth and differentiation for managed services with experience in mind.

With Juniper’s comprehensive set of industry-leading, AI-driven solutions, you can deliver managed services differentiated by experience, for you and your enterprise customers. Using AI and the Juniper Mist Cloud Architecture, our solutions arm your NetOps team with proactive insights and automation for the best day 0 through day 2 operations experience.


managed services

Juniper’s unique client-to-cloud, experience-first networking approach enables granular visibility and enhanced performance across wired, wireless, WAN, and at the network, device, session, and user levels. The outcomes? Improved service-level agreements (SLAs), increased service stickiness, and most importantly an exceptional experience for end users.  Your enterprise users get an exceptional experience whether they’re collaborating on a videoconference or voice call, accessing SaaS apps, or simply downloading data.

Managed SD-WAN

The Session Smart Router provides superior application performance by automatically adapting to the requirements of individual sessions and user segments.

Wired and Wireless

Rich Junos telemetry combined with AI delivers proactive root cause identification with automated actions.

AI-driven operations and support help to quickly determine problems, make proactive corrections, and offer predictive recommendations.


Connecting network and security components provides visibility, analysis, and correlation of potentially malicious traffic on premises or in the cloud, with consistent security policie