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Higher Education

Higher education institutions are complex enterprises with a diverse set of stakeholders including students, faculty, staff, alumni, industry, and community partners, among others. These institutions have academic, research, business, and philanthropic objectives that require a robust, scalable, and resilient network infrastructure.

Higher education institutions are investing in technology to address many common challenges:

  • Digitalization and modernization of campus operations
  • Providing quality in-person, online, and hybrid education and research experiences
  • Diversity and equality across staff, faculty, and student populations
  • Improvement of health and well-being for students, faculty, and staff

Go beyond the network by giving your students, faculty, and staff the best in-person and online experiences imaginable.

How Juniper can help

AI-driven operations, analytics, and security determine exactly what experiences students, faculty, researchers, and staff are having. We automatically adjust the network for continued improvements and to help foresee and remediate trouble spots before users are affected, and identify potential attack vectors.

The AI-Driven Campus reference architecture is one reason that 17 of the most prominent 20 universities in the world run their networks on Juniper equipment.

Dramatically improve the on-campus Wi-Fi experience for students and faculty


Optimize IT efficiency and maximize experiences with AI-enabled networks


Create and quickly implement new services and applications tailored to enhance the overall campus experience


Reduce attacks and network trouble tickets



Dartmouth Transforms the Campus Experience with AI-Powered Insight and Automation

Universities are under pressure to meet student expectations for fast, pervasive, and reliable access to the applications they need, no matter where they are on campus. To deliver an amazing service experience, Dartmouth turned to a network powered by Mist AI and automation. 

Why Juniper is outpacing the competition
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