Federal Government

Federal IT workers in defense and civilian carry out the some of the most important missions in the world, ensuring the secure transport, collection, and analysis of critical information

Juniper delivers high-performance networking solutions and AI-driven security to scale services with uptime and advanced threat protection assured.

  • Certified, best-in-class, open standards technologies and single operating platform reduce complexity and deliver maximum uptime and durability.
  • Connected, AI-driven security improves visibility and resolves threats quickly.
  • Deep experience working side-by-side with agency partners to support specialized operations.
  • Streamlined shift to the cloud with a simplified approach tailored to agency timeframes.

Close up of United States Capitol or the Capitol Building in Washington DC , It is the home of the United States Congress and the seat of the legislative branch of the U.S. federal government

How Juniper can help

Juniper has extensive experience working with federal agencies and supporting their specialized networking and security requirements. Our AI-driven security improves visibility and resolves threats quickly. We offer IC/DoD-certified solutions for those missions that demand unfailing network performance.

U.S. Civilian Agencies

As workloads shift to the cloud, you need high-performance networking tailored to support your agency’s IT in mission-critical environments.

U.S. Department of Defense

Rely on our long history of working side by side to support specialized infrastructures and shift workloads to the cloud in a way that makes sense for your operational environments.

U.S. National Security

When missions demand high availability network performance, Juniper is there with IC/DoD certified technologies and proven solutions built for intelligence operations.

U.S. Federal Government Services

Juniper Federal services are designed to provide an enhanced, secured, end-to-end U.S. based customer support experience.   

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Contact your Federal Services Team
You can also reach us through email at federal-services@juniper.net or call us at the FEDERAL contact support number: 1 833-900-1454.

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