Automated Data Center Fabrics

Business demands for agility and reliability without tradeoffs are accelerating adoption of standards-based fabrics with automation. Meanwhile, new application architectures—resulting in changing traffic patterns and dynamic bandwidth needs—add to the pressure to modernize the data center network. And, replacing outdated, hierarchical designs moves past the many limitations of spanning tree.

Standards-based and automated network fabrics deliver scalability, reliability, and non-blocking, predictable performance, along with agility.

  • Standards-based Fabrics: IP Fabrics have become the go to architecture in the data center. With EVPN-VXLAN, traditional and cloud-native apps use the same network in an open solution that can operate across vendors.
  • Automated Operations: Advanced intent-based systems for automation reduce complexity from the design to the deployment to the operation of the fabric with continuous validation and change management based on a single source of truth.

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How Juniper can help

The Juniper solution brings together the automated and assured operations of Juniper Apstra for multivendor networks with Juniper’s scalable and programmable switching platforms.

Simplify fabric design, deployment, and operations

Use Juniper Apstra for advanced automation with continuous validation to quickly and easily set up and run the fabric and also connect your data centers. This approach simplifies network fabric design, deployment, and operations in one turnkey software system built for multivendor environments. Unlike other solutions, Apstra is a unified system for Day 2 operations with a single source of truth to support visibility and insights, incident management, root cause identification, change management, compliance and audit, and maintenance.

Save time with turnkey, validated solution building blocks

Building block solutions combine Apstra with Juniper switches to simplify design considerations to business outcomes and capacity requirements. The solution series enable fast adoption of the most modern data center operations without expansive design projects or lengthy deployment programs. New data centers can be up and running in hours when deployed through Apstra’s zero touch provisioning engine with auto generation of cabling and configuration blueprints.

Defy infrastructure limitations with flexible and high-performance platforms

The richness of intent-based operations from design to everyday management relies on the performance and programmability of the underlying infrastructure. Juniper lets you build a strong underlay foundation using our QFX Series and PTX Series platforms with real-time telemetry, open programmability, and 400G scalability delivering high throughput, line-rate encryption, and fast convergence. From multicast to multitenancy to multihoming, Juniper offers the best EVPN-VXLAN network to scale and simplify operations.

Think ‘open’ with flexible architectures

Juniper can help you build network fabrics based on open, standards-based technology including IP/EVPN and running on our Junos OS or SONiC infrastructure. Juniper has the experts and tools to help you succeed: the innovators who wrote the standards, the architects and engineers who have guided thousands of large and small deployments, and our virtual labs to provide hands-on learning and a robust environment for proof of concept.


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