Open RAN

Open RAN is a shift in mobile network architecture from a closed vendor environment to an open, intelligent, and programmable one. Open RAN enables vendors, service providers, and developers to deploy innovative services as radio access network (RAN) applications that take advantage of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Juniper has a history of leading cloud and networking shifts that include disaggregation, virtualization, containerization, and openness in our WAN, data center, and AI-driven enterprise solutions. A similar change is now happening in the RAN.

Oran Alliance

Driving the ORAN narrative in the industry

Juniper is an active proponent of Open RAN in several industry and standards organizations. We contribute to six of the 10 working groups in the O-RAN Alliance. Juniper also chairs the Network Slicing Task Group, co-chairs the Use Case Task Group, and serves as editor and contributor to several specification documents.

How Juniper can help

Juniper offers O-RAN-compliant products and solutions across the entire network.

Open and interoperable RIC

Juniper’s open and interoperable RAN Intelligent Controller (RIC) platform facilitates integration among partners in the O-RAN ecosystem. It onboards both Juniper and third-party rApps/xApps to enable new business models, personalize service experiences, and help optimize CapEx and OpEx.

End-to-end SMO

Juniper Service Management and Orchestration (SMO) delivers end-to-end network slicing with support for prescribed SLAs across RAN, transport, and core networks. The solution supports multicloud, multidomain, and multitenant deployment models, meets O-RAN SMO requirements, and supports O-RAN interfaces and 3GPP Network Slicing Management Functions. 

Low-latency fronthaul

O-RAN fronthaul connections require very low end-to-end latency and jitter. Juniper ACX 7100 routers support IEEE 802.1 Time-Sensitive Networking Profile A for prioritized enhanced Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI) or Precision Time Protocol (PTP) packets, Class D timing, and transport features such as segment routing and Ethernet VPN (EVPN). 

Juniper Connected Security

The O-RAN central unit (CU), distributed unit (DU), radio unit (RU), RIC, SMO, and open interfaces between them must be secured. RAN disaggregation also requires protection of the virtualization infrastructure. Juniper Service Provider Security protects users, applications, and infrastructure by extending threat intelligence to all connection points.

Open ecosystem

The Open RAN ecosystem requires industry collaboration. Juniper, Rakuten, and Intel are offering integrated routing and Open RAN in a single platform that delivers cost and operational benefits. Juniper and Intel are also collaborating on RIC apps to improve customer experience, maximize ROI, and drive rapid ecosystem innovation.

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