Rapidly validate new network capabilities and accelerate deployment.



Often, there is a significant advantage to being the first to market a service or product. Being first, not only means developing a great new product or service quickly; it also means having the right infrastructure to make it available to your customers.

To help you speed-up and optimize the deployment of new technologies and offerings, Juniper Networks Testing as a Service:

  • Validates your architecture, design, and network, prior to rollout.
  • Mitigates the impact of project delays, outages, and other potential problems early in the network life cycle.
  • Tests specific functionality of scheduled upgrades or changes to mitigate any risk to your production network.

Our TaaS offering uses Juniper’s physical Customer Certification Labs (CCL) and virtualized infrastructure (Cloud CCL).

Customer Certification Lab

The CCL simulates your network environment, so you can test new services, code, software, and hardware without compromising your live network. Our IT experts work closely with you to gather information about the topologies, configurations, and traffic flows in your network environment. Subsequently, they create an accurate replica of your network in one of our Juniper-managed data centres.

All planned changes to your network are tested in a secure and safe lab environment. Upon completion, you’ll receive a thoroughly documented test plan that includes our observations and recommendations.

Some of the services that use the CCL:

Cloud Customer Certification Lab

The Cloud CCL complements our physical certification lab testing platform. With this versatile, web-based version, you can validate network deployments virtually without the cost, complexity, or limitations of a physical lab. This self-service tool incorporates open-source automation capabilities into the process, making tests easier to complete, less error prone, and faster to set up. You can easily create a new test environment in a few minutes.

Cloud CCL supports our vMX Virtual Router, vSRX Virtual Firewall, vQFX virtual switch, Junos Space products, JSA Series Secure Analytics appliances, and leading third-party traffic generators.

For more information about our virtualized testing platform: