Migration Services

Transition with confidence to new networking technologies.



Transitioning to new networking technologies presents opportunities for improved performance, efficiency, and security. However, it can also introduce risk and potential service disruption. Technology validation, large-scale conversion, handling of live customer traffic – these are just a few of the typical deployment and operational complexities involved.

Juniper Migration Services help mitigate these risks and challenges by using a structured three-phase approach to evaluate, plan, and execute your network migration. This service utilizes best practices and automation tools, enabling you to transition confidently to new networking technologies by leveraging the vast validation and conversion capabilities of Juniper Global Services.

Our migration services help you:

  • Implement next generation security solutions on your network.
  • Migrate to EVPN-VXLAN fabrics or overlays that provide Layer 3 virtualization for new applications while providing Layer 2 connectivity for older applications.
  • Migrate from legacy systems.

Juniper’s portfolio of Migration Services includes: