Juniper Software

Juniper software takes an Experience-First Networking approach with simplified network operations that drive superior experiences for end users. Telemetry and automation embedded in our offerings provide real-time insights into user, network, device, and application behaviors. Armed with that insight, operators can provide proactive network support and deliver optimal service levels.

Juniper has long delivered unique software value to the world’s most sophisticated networks with the Junos® operating system. Juniper cloud services, such as Mist AI™ and Security Director Cloud, provide the flexibility and scale needed for the modern networking era. On-premises offerings such as Apstra intent-based networking software and Juniper Paragon™ Automation software help automate and secure reliable network operations.

Juniper makes it simple to access these and other software offerings:

  • The Juniper Flex licensing program offers both perpetual and subscription options for licensing, delivery, and support of Juniper software. 
  • Juniper Enterprise Agreement (EA) simplifies purchase and license management via a single contract for enterprisewide use.
  • Hyperscaler marketplaces enable public cloud deployment and connectivity.
  • Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) eases the purchase, consumption, and management of networking products. 


Groupon Uses Network Automation to Manage Growth and Simplify Operations

In 15 countries and more than 500 markets worldwide, with nearly 50 million active customers, Groupon needed to simplify the infrastructure that powers it all.

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