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Product Overview

Juniper Secure Connect is a highly flexible SSL VPN application that gives remote workers secure access to corporate and cloud resources, providing reliable connectivity and consistent security to any device, anywhere. Juniper Secure Connect is available for desktop and mobile devices including Windows, Mac OS, Android, and iOS. When combined with the SRX Series Firewalls, it helps organizations quickly achieve optimal performance and connectivity from client to cloud, reducing risk by extending visibility and enforcement to users and devices, wherever they are.

Left view of SRX300 Series Firewall

Product Description

Organizations are growing increasingly distributed, driven largely by work-from-home initiatives, branch expansion, and growth of temporary pop-up sites. Securing this distributed traffic requires deep network visibility and the ability to enforce policy at every connection point—capabilities that separate secure SD-WANs from traditional network access methods.

Juniper® Secure Connect allows organizations to provide secure end-user access across their WAN fabrics. Working with Juniper Networks SRX Series Firewalls as the head-end SSL VPN and IPsec termination point, deployed on campus, in a data center, or in the cloud, Juniper Secure Connect enables secure access to vital resources from user devices running Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. To simplify deployment of Juniper Secure Connect, the client application ensures that the most current policy is being used, with no end-user or admin interaction required to reduce deployment time and ongoing troubleshooting.

Architecture and Key Components

Offered as an add-on license for SRX Series Firewalls, Juniper Secure Connect provides secure access for users who need remote access to protected resources across the Internet from wherever they happen to be. SRX Series Firewalls are available as physical appliances as well as in virtualized and containerized form factors, providing the connectivity and network security required for organizations to build a secure SD-WAN fabric.

The Juniper Secure Connect application offers additional features that increase security and usability. These features include multifactor and biometric authentication, automatic policy validation before a connection is established, and Windows pre-domain logon to ensure that the Windows devices are validated and update the latest Active Directory Group Policy during logon.

Security policies can be applied to devices operating outside the corporate network via Juniper Secure Connect, treating the traffic as if it were untrusted. Juniper Networks AppSecure, intrusion prevention system (IPS), content security, and advanced threat detection policies configured on SRX Series firewalls are extended to these remote devices, ensuring that consistent security is applied to all points of presence, wherever they are located, and providing the appropriate level of secure access for every type of connection.

This consistent security policy application allows users to be part of a larger secure SD-WAN fabric that empowers organizations to deliver reliable connectivity and threat protection to and from branch offices, temporary pop-up sites, and home offices, as well as employees operating remotely from within other networks such as those at hotels or conferences. Juniper secure SD-WANs allow traffic management and security policies to be applied on a per-data flow basis.

Data flows can be identified by application, user, IP address, and URL, allowing IT teams to prioritize or more deeply inspect some of those data flows. Individual data flows can also be routed independently where multiple WAN fabric access options exist. This flexibility allows Juniper secure SD-WANs to reduce both capital costs and administrative overhead compared to traditional WAN access, while providing the security needed to handle both known and unknown threats. With Juniper Secure Connect, policy can be set to require all traffic to be routed through the VPN connection or configured to support split tunneling, ensuring that traffic can take the best and most secure path.

Features and Benefits

Feature Description Benefit
Available for desktop and mobile devices Juniper Secure Connect is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android operating systems. Provides flexible and secure access for managed and unmanaged devices.
Zero-touch configuration Juniper Secure Connect uses a secure and automatic validation of the most current policy, making sure users always get the correct security policy enforced. Offers an always up-to-date security policy, ensuring users stay secure and get access to the correct resources at any time.
Multifactor and biometric authentication

To increase security, Juniper Secure Connect supports multifactor authentication from industry-leading multifactor authentication (MFA) solutions.

It also supports integrated biometric authentication on devices with the hardware support.
Improves corporate security by leveraging a second form of authentication for remote users.
Comprehensive security and visibility User access coming via Juniper Secure Connect must be subject to IPS, Juniper Advanced Threat Prevention, and advanced security to identify and block unknown and known threats that originate from non-corporate networks. Reduces risk and provides the necessary visibility to ensure that remote access users are not introducing known or unknown threats.


Features Windows MacOS iOS Android
OS versions 10.x or higher 10.13, 10.14, 10.15 9.3 or higher 4.4 or higher
Next-generation cryptography Yes
Client SSL VPN Yes
Dead peer detection (DPD) Yes
Split tunneling Yes
Multifactor authentication (MFA) Yes
Biometric authentication Yes
Zero-touch app configuration Yes
Windows pre-domain logon Yes No No No
Juniper Secure Connect license and support duration 1 or 3 years
Table 1. SRX Series Concurrent Users Supported
SRX Series Firewall Model Concurrent Remote Access/SSL VPN Users Supported
SRX300 Firewall 25
SRX320 Firewall 50
SRX340 Firewall 150
SRX345 Firewall 250
SRX380 Firewall 500
SRX550M Firewall 500
SRX1500 Firewall 2000
SRX4100 Firewall 7500
SRX4200 Firewall 7500
SRX4600 Firewall 7500
SRX5400 Firewall 25,000
SRX5600 Firewall 40,000
SRX5800 Firewall 50,000
vSRX Virtual Firewall 500

Ordering Information

To order Juniper Secure Connect, and to access software licensing information, please visit the How to Buy page on The Juniper Secure Connect licenses below are stackable and license usage is based on current users connected to the head-end SRX Series firewall.

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