PTX3000 Packet Transport Router

The PTX3000 Packet Transport Router provides a high-density 8-Tbps core router in an ultra-compact form factor optimized for space- and power-constrained service provider environments. The platform supports the full range of IP/MPLS applications, including Internet backbone, peering, label-switching router, and metro packet optical transport for regional cores, space-constrained central offices, and collocation facilities.

The eight-slot, 22 RU PTX3000 router supports up to eight FPCs, each providing one PIC. It brings the best of the IP and optical worlds together, offering the flexibility of a full-featured IP network with the reliability, performance, and scale of optical transport, all in a single converged router.

Key Features

  • 8-Tbps capacity
  • Full IP/MPLS support
  • 22 U form factor
  • Juniper ExpressPlus silicon

Features + Benefits

High Availability Hardware

Get carrier-grade reliability in an architecture that supports all traffic types.

High Availability Software

Use the high-availability features in Junos OS to perform software upgrades without interrupting services.

Unparalleled Packet Processing Scale

Continually scale up and out to meet growing traffic volumes while reducing cost per bit.

Ultra-Compact Form Factor

Meet demanding requirements for optical elements in a space-efficient solution optimized for collocations, central offices, and metro networks.

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PTX Series Packet Transport Routers

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Front with Top View of PTX 3000 Router


The PTX3000 Packet Transport Router tightly integrates IP/MPLS and optical transport into core routing. It provides a scalable, high-performance solution optimized for space- and power-constrained environments.

Technical Features
  • 8-Tbps capacity
  • Full IP/MPLS support
  • 22 U form factor
  • Juniper ExpressPlus silicon
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Front with Top View of PTX 1000 Router


The PTX1000 Packet Transport Router is a high-density solution optimized for service provider and high-volume content provider networks. It delivers a rich IP/MPLS feature set with 2.88-Tbps capacity supporting 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE interfaces.

Technical Features
  • 2.88-Tbps
  • 10/40/100GbE interfaces
  • High density
  • Space-efficient 2 RU
Front with Top View of PTX 5000 Router


The PTX5000 Packet Transport Router forms the foundation of a massively scalable IP transport architecture. It provides high-density 10GbE, 40GbE, and 100GbE interfaces for large networks and demanding applications in high-scale environments.

Technical Features
  • 24-Tbps capacity
  • 100GbE optimized
  • Juniper ExpressPlus silicon
  • DWDM interface support
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