PTX10001-36MR Packet Transport Router

The PTX10001-36MR is a cloud-optimized 1 U fixed form-factor based on Juniper Express4 ASIC, delivering high-density 100GbE and 400GbE high-performance scale to core and peering networks. Bringing 9.6 Tbps capacity to space- and power-constrained environments, the PTX10001-36MR delivers 400G inline MACsec, high FIB, deep buffer, and flexible filtering so you can scale higher, converge faster, and lower your cost per bit.

PTX10001-36MR offers flexible licensing options so you can pay as your network grows, and provides a smooth migration path from 100GE to 400GE without requiring any hardware or software updates. It supports critical use cases such as peering, label-switching router (LSR) core, content delivery network (CDN) gateway, data center edge, aggregation, and metro deployments.

Key Features

  • 400GbE inline MACsec
  • 4th generation silicon
  • Scale up and scale out
  • 9.6-Tbps forwarding capacity

Features + Benefits

Performance at Scale

Get 9.6-Tbps forwarding capacity in a compact, 1 U platform optimized for secure, scale-out architectures. At the same time, the platform delivers exceptional 0.14 Watts per gigabit power efficiency.

Flexible Architecture

Support multiple high-performance use cases, such as peering, LSR core, CDN gateway, data center edge, aggregation, Data Center Interconnect (DCI), and others.

Simple Operations

Use the industry’s most modern network operating system to support cloud networking use cases and 400G architectures. The solution combines one Junos experience, reliability, resiliency, openness, and easy integration.

Superior Economics

Use flexible 400GbE pricing to pay for only the bandwidth and features needed.


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PTX Series Packet Transport Routers

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Front with Top View of PTX 10001 Router


The PTX10001-36MR is a high-capacity, space- and power-optimized routing and switching platform. It delivers 9.6 Tbps of throughput and 10.8 Tbps of I/O capacity in a 1 U, fixed form factor. Based on the Juniper Express 4 ASIC, the platform provides dense 100GbE and 400GbE connectivity for highly scalable routing and switching in cloud, service provider, and enterprise networks and data centers.

Technical Features
  • 400GbE inline MACsec
  • 4th generation silicon
  • Scale up and scale out
  • 9.6-Tbps forwarding capacity
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Front with Top View of PTX 10002 Router


The PTX10002 Packet Transport Router is designed to keep pace with growing requirements in distributed core architectures with 100GbE optimized ports and full IP/MPLS feature functionality.

Technical Features
  • Up to 6-Tbps capacity
  • 100GbE-optimized interfaces
  • Scale-out core architecture
  • Ultra-high port density
Front with Top View of PTX 10003 Router


The PTX10003 Packet Transport Router offers on-demand scalability for critical core and peering functions. With high-density 100GbE, 200GbE, and 400GbE ports, operators can meet high-volume demands with efficiency, programmability, and performance at scale.

Technical Features
  • High-density platform
  • 100GbE and 400GbE interfaces
  • Compact 3 U form factor
  • 100GbE inline MACsec on all ports
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