Live Demo: The Automated Data Center in Action

Are you ready to reap the benefits of intent-based networking in your data center? Join us to learn how Juniper Apstra empowers your IT team to automate the data center network from design to deployment and throughout operations. 

Apstra is an intent-based solution that maximizes network performance, scale, and agility. It applies design templates for everything from cabling to provisioning, so your network continues to operate as it was intended. Apstra continually validates changes, alerting your operations teams of brownouts or deviations from your original intent.

In this webinar, we’ll demonstrate how Juniper Apstra reduces your design and deployment time from months or weeks to days or hours. We’ll drill down into:

  • Templates: Templatize the design, validation, and deployment of your data center network, regardless of hardware vendor.
  • Closed-loop assurance: Use intent-based analytics for a single source of truth from implementation to operations.
  • Intent Time Voyager feature: Roll back your entire network—not just individual devices—to a previous state, regardless of variations in hardware or network operating systems.