Yahoo! Japan Simplifies Data Center Network Operations

As one of Japan’s largest ISPs, Yahoo! Japan carries massive amounts of data that continue to increase. It needed to scale its data center network to efficiently handle the skyrocketing volume of data generated by business growth while operating with a limited number of staff.


Company Yahoo! Japan
Industry Media and Entertainment
Region APAC
Yahoo Japan Image
"The efficiency of network construction and device replacement operations is greatly improved and we can easily replicate it; what used to take several days is now completed in tens of minutes! In addition, even if you make a mistake, for example with cabling, thanks to Apstra’s IBA telemetry, you can grasp the problem with a simple glance of the GUI."
Kakuya Ando Data Center Network 3, Site Operations Division, System Management Group

Business Challenge

Juniper’s Apstra solution was selected to streamline and automate the design, build, and operations of its IP Clos data center network to support Hadoop data analysis infrastructure and other functions. By abstracting network configuration to simply specify the requirements of business intent, the Apstra system automates network configuration and setup to complete in minutes.

Further, Yahoo! Japan substantially streamlined everyday network operations with the Apstra system and can quickly detect network issues across a multivendor network. With closed-loop automation and assurance, the network team can focus more on value-added work.