US Ignite and Juniper Help Cities Spark Economic Growth

Across the US, often in rural, less populated regions, there are broadband deserts where only the very few and extremely affluent enjoy fast Internet. The nonprofit US Ignite works directly with these underserved communities to accelerate economic growth and unlock the area’s potential by making it possible to connect everyone to the vast richness of high-speed broadband infrastructure.


Company US Ignite
Industry Government and Non-Profit
Products used QFX5100
Region Americas
US Ignite Image
"Partnerships with industry leaders like Juniper are pivotal to getting communities to where they can begin investing in themselves and building momentum to reach continuous, long-term success."
Scott Turnbull Director of Technology, US Ignite

Business Challenge

US Ignite teamed up with Juniper Networks to create digital town squares to strengthen local broadband availability. Dozens of projects have led local communities to realize economic growth, strengthen healthcare, and ensured critical information was shared at the peak of the coronavirus crisis.

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