Digital Consulting Firm Synechron Plans to Double Revenue in 3 Years

The opportunity to work on blockchain, artificial intelligence, and other cutting-edge fintech attracts top talent to Synechron. State-of-the-art workspaces and delivery centers, powered by Juniper switching, have increased workforce productivity as consultants and developers help clients accelerate digital transformation.


Company Synechron
Industry Financial Services
Products used EX4600EX2300QFX5110
Region Americas
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"Our clients and our employees expect us to possess an advanced network that can support all current and emerging technologies. With a Juniper network, we can showcase our expertise and attract both customers and top talent that will ultimately support our growth goals."
Umesh Bhapkar IT Director, Synechron

Business Challenge

Connecting its global delivery centers, innovation labs, and client services offices, Synechron’s network is future-oriented and expansion-ready. With Juniper switching around the world, Synechron empowers its employees while dramatically simplifying network operations.