South Central Connect Brings Wi-Fi to the Largest Covered Marina in Arkansas

Whether it’s a thrilling day waterskiing or a relaxing day on a houseboat, with South Central Connect's new Wi‑Fi service, no one has to give up modern amenities to enjoy life on the lake. South Central Connect, a regional service provider, now offers Wi‑Fi to boat owners and visitors at the largest covered marina in Arkansas.


Company South Central Connect
Industry Energy and Utilities
Products used EX2300
Region Americas
Organization size 1000
South Central Connect Image
"Designing Wi‑Fi for a marina of this size wasn’t trivial. When we turned Mist on, we had a really good Wi‑Fi service."
Marty Allen Broadband Manager, South Central Connect

Business Challenge

South Central Connect is in the midst of a multiyear effort to bring blazing-fast fiber to the homes and businesses in rural Arkansas. Along the way, it launched an innovative public Wi‑Fi service for areas where it’s difficult to get Internet connectivity and used Mist Wi‑Fi and Juniper networking as its foundation.