Network Diversity Helps Simple Helix Keep Collocation Services Accessible 24/7

Simple Helix, an upstart collocation and managed IT services provider, fits right in with Huntsville, Alabama’s heritage as an engineering and scientific powerhouse. Its Tier 3 data center is built to meet the compute, storage, and networking needs of the scientific elite. Juniper networking powers its data center and regional fiber network


Company Simple Helix
Industry SaaS Services
Products used MX960QFX5100EX3400EX4600
Region Americas
"We’re primed for decades of healthy growth and Juniper is a great match to help us support the tech and business needs of our highly specialized customer base."
Tracy Collins CEO, Simple Helix

Business Challenge

A data center packed with best-in-class technology, stringent uptime, and tight security is rapidly attracting new customers across the Huntsville region. Government and defense agencies, universities and colleges, and tech companies have signed on for Simple Helix’s massive high-compute clusters and storage capacity.