Psychz Networks Turns Up Services Fast with Automated Global Network

Not all companies have the leadership and culture to be a market disrupter, but Psychz Networks has made innovation its mission. Back in 2001, Psychz Networks was a pioneer in web hosting, and today it delivers bare metal servers, colocation, backup, content delivery, IP transit, and DDoS mitigation. It counts Verizon, Baidu, and XO among its 10,000 customers.


Company Psychz Networks
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX204MX240MX480MX960QFX5100EX3400EX4300
Region Americas
Psychz Image
"Before customers would order and wait one to two weeks for implementation. With Juniper’s network automation, a customer anywhere in the world can order a bare-metal server from our website, and it’s deployed in 15 to 30 minutes."
William Lu CEO, Psychz Network

Business Challenge

To deliver media, content and digital services anywhere in the world, Psychz expanded its network connecting 16 data centers to 6 Tbps. Customers can be up and running with bare-metal servers in less than 30 minutes with a highly automated Juniper network.