Outletcity Metzingen engages millions with memorable shopping experiences

Outletcity strives to offer visitors the best shopping experience across any touchpoint. To achieve greater digitalization of the shopping experience, it deployed Juniper wireless networking, powered by Mist AI. The Wi-Fi covers 40,000 square meters of retail floor space as well as outdoor areas and parking garages.

Great Wi-Fi is particularly important for Outletcity’s many international visitors. Optimized Wi-Fi also supports Outletcity’s mobile app and loyalty club as well as retail analytics, and COVID-safe shopping.


Company Outletcity Metzingen
Industry Retail
Products used AP21AP41AP61BT11
Region EMEA
Outletcity Metzingen Image
Customer Success At-a-glance

4.2 million shoppers

Exceptional Wi-Fi to engage fashion-conscious shoppers in a holistic experience

10X increase in Wi-Fi coverage

40,000 square meters of retail floorspace plus outdoor areas


Increase in usage of Outletcity mobile app


Grow Shopper Loyalty

With fast, reliable Wi-Fi everywhere, Outletcity has seen a 1.5X increase in usage of its mobile app. That’s important because customers using Outletcity’s mobile app spend more than average.

A key factor was the design of Juniper Wireless Access Points, which converge Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® LE, and IoT. Integrated virtual Bluetooth LE beacons simplify future shopper engagement services.

With Juniper, Outletcity can deliver an optimized Wi-Fi experience in a very challenging retail environment. “With Juniper, customers have a seamless Wi-Fi experience everywhere they go,” says Sebastian Stelter, team lead project management and service support at Outletcity.

"To achieve greater digitalization of the shopping experience, we needed an excellent network infrastructure. A Juniper network enables us to deliver that experience."
Simon Drees Director of Omnichannel Services and Innovations, Outletcity Metzingen

At the Juniper Global Summit, hear from Outletcity Metzingen to learn how they boosted customer experience with AI-driven networking from Juniper Networks. (17:19)