NL-ix Handles Massive Internet Surge with Juniper-Powered Exchange

Digital life, whether for work, learning, or play, depends on a resilient Internet connection. NL-ix, one of the largest Internet exchanges in Europe, is ready as more of our lives become digital. NL-ix is ready for the growth in digital life.


Company NL-ix
Industry Service Provider, Cloud Provider
Products used MX10004, MX10008, and MX10016 Junos OS
Region EMEA
NL-ix Image
"Juniper is already resilient by design. With Juniper, we can build resilience on top of resilience in our exchange network."
Jan Paul Dekker CTO, NL-ix

Business Challenge

NL-ix, with a strategic focus on resiliency, constructed redundant peering built on Juniper routing, to ensure a consistently exceptional experience for more than 600 members including carriers, telcos, ISPs, cloud and content delivery networks. NL-ix easily handled a 40 percent traffic spike from its customers. With an ultra-fast, ultra-resilient Juniper network, NL-ix is well-positioned for the coming demand for exponentially more cloud connections as organizations advance digital transformation.