Net One Simplifies Multicloud Onboarding and Operation with Juniper Contrail

Net One Systems is Japan's leading systems independent integrator, providing secure network and cloud platforms with a focus on advanced networking technology. To create optimal ICT environments for customers, Net One uses best-of-class technologies that combine products from multiple vendors, and it offers expertise and full services for planning, implementation, operation, and optimization.


Company Net One
Industry Cloud Provider
Region APAC
Net One Image
"Contrail Enterprise Multicloud was simply the best product to automate our processes. Trying to do what Contrail Enterprise Multicloud achieves using separate products gets overly complicated. We determined that it could reduce our in-house development workload, reduce the labor required for operations, and even lead to increased quality."
Masahiro Imazono Service-sharing platform team expert, Net One

Business Challenge

Net One relies on Juniper Networks Contrail Enterprise Multicloud manage its OpenStack and VMware cloud resources as a single, cohesive infrastructure. Automation and orchestration of a complex, multicloud environment means faster customer onboarding, fewer manual errors, and happier customers.