Real-Time DDoS Mitigation Gives Linode a Competitive Edge

Developers can get virtual servers running in seconds at Linode, and that agility has driven the cloud provider’s growth to global scale. It now offers security with the same agility, with the ability to mitigate devastating DDoS attacks in real time.


Company Linode
Industry Cloud Provider
Products used MX960QFX10002
Region Americas
"Offering DDoS mitigation-as-a-service based on Juniper and Corero is a competitive advantage for Linode."
Dan Spataro Director of Infrastructure Operations, Linode

Business Challenge

Thousands of DDoS attacks pummel Linode and its customers every month, but the network operations team hardly gives these potentially devastating attacks any thought. Instead, a combined DDoS detection and mitigation solution from Juniper and Corero Network Security enables Linode to stop even terabit-scale DDoS attacks automatically and in real time.

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