JoongAng Group Builds South Korea’s First AI-Driven Enterprise Network by Juniper

With South Korea’s first AI-driven enterprise network by Juniper, JoongAng Group can continue to lead its diverse array of business and broadcasting services, while securely maximizing operational efficiency and flexibility for future business expansion.


Company JoongAng Group
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used Wireless Access PointsWi-Fi AssuranceEX SeriesCloud ServicesEX9200
Region APAC
JoongAng Group Image
"As an organization built on a network-based work environment, we expect to evolve and diversify our offerings in the future, which will result in a demand for higher speeds. We are confident that the various AI-driven network upgrades by Juniper will drive value in every corner of our organization and put us in a strong position for continued growth."
Young Ki Kim Director, JOINS JoongAng

Business Challenge

As the company prepared to spread its workforce across two office buildings after the completion of its JTBC Building in 2019, JoongAng Group wanted to introduce a next-generation network system that would provide a unified experience for all employees in both buildings.

With Juniper’s AI-driven network, JoongAng Group has jumped a step ahead of the industry in terms of network efficiency, leveraging automation and insights to lower IT costs while maximizing the end-user experience.