Island Hospital Prescribes Mist Wi-Fi to Improve Clinical Experiences

Island Hospital is the Level III Washington state trauma center that cares for the people of western Skagit County, Whidbey Island and the San Juan Islands. In 2019, the hospital had more than 120,000 outpatient visits, nearly 18,000 emergency visits, and delivered 400 babies. But delivering consistently reliable Wi-Fi services was an ongoing challenge, and the network team was spending too much time chasing Wi-Fi ghosts. 


Company Island Hospital
Industry Healthcare
Products used Marvis VNA
Region Americas
Island Hospital Image
"Since we put in Mist, we don’t get calls about the wireless anymore."
Shane Taylor Network Engineer, Island Hospital

Business Challenge

Island Hospital became an early adopter of the Mist Wireless LAN Platform, creating an AI-driven network that delivered the network user experience that clinicians expected and streamlining network operations. Ongoing complaints about the Wi-Fi were eliminated, and clinicians can focus on using digital healthcare tools to take care the best of patients.