Because nothing says “game over” like latency.

Innova intensively researched network designs to find one that would provide continuous and uninterrupted service to users around the world. Innova is a pioneer in the Russian online entertainment industry, delivering a full range of game publishing services and game titles as a part of the massively multiplayer online games (MMO and MMOG) market.


Company Innova
Industry Service Provider
Products used MX480SRX5600Junos OS
Region EMEA
Innova Image
"To us, the infrastructure needs to meet all requirements of modern network architecture and security. It needs to be absolutely reliable, give us great scalability, provide all of the services we need in a secure manner, and be easy to use as well as manage and administer."
Roman Elokhin Head of Network Administration, Innova

Business Challenge

The foundation of Innova’s business success is its network infrastructure, and so the company is dependent on it to a very large extent. The main objective of the Innova network is to ensure continuous access for millions of gamers in Russia and around the world. It also needs to be fully scalable and capable of growing with the business.

Business Solution

Since availability, reliability, and ease of management are such vital requirements, Innova was impressed with Juniper’s unique Virtual Chassis technology, and also found that the SRX Series Services Gateways cluster consolidation capability set Juniper Networks security solution apart from other vendors.

Business Results

Juniper has helped Innova build a simple, cleverly designed network that is reliable, secure, easy to manage, and ready to scale to any level.

"The Juniper Networks technology is as close to our ‘ideal’ network as we could hope to be. We also found it by far the most cost-effective solution when we researched the marketplace. We are very pleased with our choice and look forward to growing our business with Juniper Networks at its core."
Roman Elokhin Head of Network Administration, Innova