Workers at Hinkley Point C Power Plant Stay Fed and Hydrated

A new nuclear power plant is rising from the flatlands of South West England. When completed in 2025, Hinkley Point C power station will be the second largest in the world and generate enough electricity for 6 million homes. Building a critical infrastructure project at this scale requires thousands of workers—and those workers need to eat.


Company Hinkley Point C
Industry Energy and Utilities
Products used EX4600SRX340Advanced Threat Prevention
Region EMEA
Hinkley Point C
"CETSAT has transformed South West Larder’s critical network infrastructure at Hinkley Point C. Networking operations now run seamlessly, providing users with the means to transact and communicate effectively and securely."
Steve Stapenhill-Hunt Commercial and Technical Director, South West Larder
Business Challenge

With a Juniper network designed by CETSAT, thousands of steel fabricators, electrical engineers, project managers, and other workers won’t go hungry. They can order and pay for their meals and snacks and take advantage of other staff amenities over a trusted, reliable network.