Municipal Broadband Attracts Business While Improving Quality of Life

Anemic broadband meant that residents and businesses of Fairlawn, Ohio, paid more for Internet but got less. To break down the digital divide, this Midwestern city built FairlawnGig, a broadband network to bring fiber to every home and business. 


Company City of Fairlawn, Ohio
Industry Government and Non-Profit
Products used EX2300SRX340SRX320
Region Americas
City of Fairlawn Ohio Image
"FairlawnGig has helped with residential sustainability. We’ve attracted more residential developers, and home sales increased 8.7 percent in the first year."
Ernie Staten Deputy Director of Public ServiceCity of Fairlawn, Ohio

Business Challenge

A $10 million investment over ten years in municipal broadband is paying off handsomely. The city is already attracting more businesses, growing tax revenues, and increasing home values. It gave residents better Internet for less money. And it’s on a path to becoming a smart city. Entirely managed by the city, FairlawnGig is built on the simplicity of Juniper networking.