DUG Delivers High-Performance Computing-as-a-Service

DUG operates some of the greenest and most powerful computing centers in the world to support next-generation scientific computing. It sustains more than 30 petaflops of compute power by using immersion cooling to reduce energy usage. Its high-throughput global network can easily move petabytes of data among its four compute centers.


Company DUG
Industry Research
Products used MX204
Region APAC
DUG Image
“Our global Juniper network backbone enables us to seamlessly transfer data at full line rate. All of our clients and staff can work autonomously and effectively at any time.”
Mark Lommers Chief Engineer, DUG

Business Challenge

When datasets are measured in petabytes, it’s not uncommon to ship physical storage media to high performance computing centers for analysis. DUG put an end to sneakernet with a high-throughput global network interconnecting its four compute centers, built on the foundation of Juniper routing. With days of waiting eliminated, the customer experience is transformed. And DUG has been able to extend its reach into new regions without building out local points of presence.