Dartmouth Transforms the Campus Experience with AI-Powered Insight and Automation

Universities are under pressure to meet student expectations for fast, pervasive, and reliable access to the applications they need, no matter where they are on campus. To deliver an amazing service experience, Dartmouth turned to a network powered by Mist AI and automation. 


Company Dartmouth College
Industry Education
Products used EX3400QFX10002
Region Americas

Dartmouth College Transforms the Campus Experience with Juniper Networks & Mist Systems. (2:54)

"We are trying to create the best customer experience we can. Mist allows us, through its analytics, to find out where our problems are, even if only two percent are having a problem, and resolve it on the fly. With Mist, we can create that experience for the customer."
Mitch Davis CIO, Dartmouth

Business Challenge

Dartmouth transformed its network service experience with the Mist Platform and Juniper switching. Students, faculty, and administrative staff are delighted with fast, reliable, and pervasive Wi-Fi, supported by a state-of-the-art campus network. AI-powered insights into the user experience can spot problems before they arise and pinpoint trouble.