Avantel Uses Network Slicing to Deliver Low-Cost Mobile Services for Millennials in Colombia

Avantel is a rising star in Colombia. The mobile service provider is a favorite among university students and Millennials who expect a great mobile experience at an affordable price. The company aims to capture 10 percent of the market, facing down far bigger rivals.


Company Avantel
Industry Telecommunications
Products used EX4300 MultigigabitMX480MX960QFX5100
Region Americas
Avantel Image
"The Juniper solution was the best for performance, capacity, and cost-effectiveness. With a Juniper network, we are able to improve the performance and capacity in our network to support the demand for 4G and data services in our major cities."
Oscar Bravo Chief of Implementation and Planning, Avantel

Business Challenge

Avantel deployed a state-of-the-art Juniper network, and is the first in Latin America to use Junos Node Slicing. With efficient, scalable data center infrastructure from Juniper, Avantel is ready to meet its growth plan and deliver excellent services as mobile data volumes grow and 5G and IoT rise.