Archdiocese of Brisbane Cares for the Community’s Most Vulnerable

In the modern era, doing good work requires great Wi-Fi. The Archdiocese of Brisbane tends to the most vulnerable people in South East Queensland, Australia as well as the spiritual lives of 714,000 parishioners. Through its nonprofit agency Centacare, the Archdiocese provides supportive homes for people with disabilities, support services for seniors, domestic and family services, and childcare. 


Company Archdiocese of Brisbane
Industry Non-profit
Products used Wireless Access PointsCloud ServicesEX2300
Region APAC
Archdiocese of Brisbane Image
"With Mist, we saved about 60 percent of the service desk’s time in identifying and resolving wireless issues."
Iain Teo ICT Operations Manager, Archdiocese of Brisbane and Centacare

Business Challenge

The Archdiocese turned to Mist wireless and Juniper wired to deliver an optimized network user experience to staff and residents in 300 group homes, childcare centers, and offices. The Wi-Fi experience has never been better, with easy guest access and secure IoT connectivity. The power of an AI-driven enterprise has reduced wireless trouble tickets by 60 percent, freeing up a lean IT team for strategic work.