America’s Test Kitchen Cooks Up a Radically Simpler Data Center Network

Fueled by consumers’ rising interest in at-home cooking, America’s Test Kitchen has a fast-growing media business, which includes popular television shows, magazines, websites, books, and an online cooking school. To support growth and expansion at scale, America’s Test Kitchen built a brand-new IT infrastructure.


Company America's Test Kitchen
Industry Media and Entertainment
Products used QFX SeriesQFX5100EX4300SRX1500Advanced Threat PreventionSecurity DirectorWireless Access Points
Region Americas

Testimonial from Dustin Brandt, the Director of IT at America's Test Kitchen on why it is important for his company to keep the network and intellectual property safe and secure and how they have done that with Juniper's SRX Firewalls and SkyATP. (1:45)

"As our needs change, we have a solid foundation to build out faster services, support different content types, and move that content around to different delivery channels. Juniper has been a great improvement for us."
Dustin Brandt Director of IT, America’s Test Kitchen

Business Challenge

America’s Test Kitchen sought to simplify and strengthen IT operations with a network that would provide easier management, integrated security, and scalability. The company also needed to ensure that its staff has fast, reliable access to applications, video, and other huge media files.

Building Simplicity into the Data Center Fabric

America’s Test Kitchen began its journey by deploying a QFX5100 Switch and EX4300 Ethernet Switch at its headquarters and data center, centralizing management and visibility of the entire network. Among the other changes to its network, the media company strengthened security operations with centralized event monitoring, automated policy enforcement, and real-time threat protection and segregation.

Business Results

With its radically simpler, operationally more efficient network, America’s Test Kitchen has:

  • Built a high-performance, scalable infrastructure that allows IT to respond to changing business conditions.
  • Strengthened cybersecurity with integrated, advanced protection.
  • Enabled end-to-end visibility through a single pane of glass.
  • Reduced administrative overhead and lowered TCO.
  • Laid the solid foundation for a multicloud future.

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