German tour operator moves business-critical IT to new fault-tolerant data center.

When alltours moved its headquarters, it also upgraded to a new data center. The German tour operator’s entire business depends on the accessibility of its systems, so the availability and reliability of the new solution was paramount.

As the largest group of independent tour operators in Germany, alltours has approximately 500 employees and annual turnover of roughly 1.5 billion euros. Its headquarters is located in Düsseldorf, from where alltours serves nearly two million travelers per year. 


Company Alltours GmbH
Industry Travel, Hospitality and Logistics
Products used QFX SeriesEX SeriesEX4300
Region EMEA
Alltours Image
"We are in the tourist brokerage market, where our customers are looking for immediate responses to their requests. The IT infrastructure may be hidden, but any issues affect our entire business; any packet loss or delay is critical to our revenues."
Sven Joost IT Group Leader, alltours

Business Challenge

Fault tolerance, high availability, and scalability ranked as the most important criteria for alltours. Additionally, the architectural components of the network would need to work well together and be easy to maintain and operate, with zero downtime—even during software upgrades.

Business Solution

To build out its new data center infrastructure with an end-to-end network solution, alltours selected Juniper. QFX Series switches with multichassis link aggregation (MC-LAG) allow alltours to support both 10GbE and 40GbE interfaces, with space for future growth. EX Series Ethernet Switches are being used for top-of-rack deployment in Virtual Chassis configuration.

Business Results

The new data center network has had no outages since the move, which was completed in a single night. Additionally, the QFX Series switches will allow plenty of room for growth and enable a smooth and easy upgrade process when the time comes.

"Things change fast in our market and we need an infrastructure that can be just as flexible. We chose the right partner and the right technology. If we had to go through the process again, we would do exactly the same thing."
Sven Joost Group Leader IT, alltours