Flattened network for faster connections.

Allegro Networks needed a new IP/MPLS network that could deliver pseudowire services to connect customers’ networks to data centers, exchange points, and peering services across the UK.


Company Allegro Networks
Industry Telecommunications
Products used MX960MX80
Region EMEA
Allegro Networks
"Attention to open standards is really important to us. Our customers are committed to open standards, so as we provide an extension to their services, we need to ensure we have complete compatibility."
Andy Davidson CTO, Allegro Networks

As a new generation wholesale carrier, Allegro Networks provides transit, private and public peering services, with a footprint that includes 30 major data centers and 4 Internet exchanges. Its customers include international carriers looking to extend their services into the UK, and smaller UK-based service providers who need a larger network footprint.

Business Challenge

Allegro Networks was looking for a standards-based, high-performance MPLS platform that would provide reliability at scale and headroom for future expansion. It also needed a network with open and programmable interfaces into all of the network elements involved in service delivery, so that customers could order and configure services directly, without operator intervention, through an API or portal.

Business Solution

Allegro Networks chose a range of MX Series platforms, from the MX960 3D Universal Edge Router to the MX80 3D Universal Edge Router, to cost-effectively address varying port density and throughput requirements at different locations. The MX Series platforms combined provider and provider edge functions in each system, and were configured to create a flat network.

Business Results

Allegro Networks has successfully launched its Snap Platform portal and its portfolio of software provisioned services. Service provisioning is entirely automated, and many of its carrier customers are already connected “on-net,” enabling them to immediately turn on new services at the click of a button.

"Our platform has enabled Allegro’s customers to win new business that they wouldn’t have been able to win before. We’ve turned wholesale telecom procurement into a retail-like experience."
Andy Davidson CTO, Allegro Networks