Melbourne’s Alamanda College Graduates to AI‑Driven Network Operations

Alamanda College, a government school in Melbourne’s fast-growing southwest corridor, offers top-level education for 3,000 students in years K through 9. All 3,000 students have their own laptops, and the network supports more than 5,000 devices every day. As the demands of digital learning grew, it turned to an AI-driven network from Juniper.


Company Alamanda College
Industry Education
Products used Wi-Fi AssuranceWired AssuranceMarvis VNAWireless Access PointsEX3400
Region APAC
Alamanda College Image
"We have had zero wireless issues with our Juniper Mist network. Before we would get 10 calls a day about clients not connecting to the network."
Tony Pace Specialist Technician, eduSTAR.TSS, Information Management and Technology Division, Alamanda College

Business Challenge

With the Juniper Mist Cloud Architecture, Alamanda College can deliver optimal student and teacher experiences across the expansive campus while simplifying network operations. Mist AI quickly identified and resolved issues with misconfigured VLANs, RF interference from a nearby airport, and even a loose wireless chip in a laptop. With great network experiences, students can stay focused on learning.