ActivePort’s Software-Centric Network Approach Accelerates Service Innovation and Competitiveness

Managed service provider ActivePort needed to make flexible, cost-effective last-mile connectivity from the data center to private and public clouds a reality.

ActivePort harnesses software-defined networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) so customers can instantly provision and scale carrier and data center services. In its first year of operations, ActivePort was named a semifinalist in the 2017 Western Australia Innovator of the Year program.


Company ActivePort
Industry Telecommunications
Products used vSRXSRX340SRX300SRX1500EX4300
Region APAC
ActivePort Image
"We are providing an innovative and disruptive access path to the cloud. We leveraged software-defined networking and created a provisioning portal to provide access to public and private cloud services that can be applied to branch networking."
Pat Cleary Chief Executive Officer, ActivePort

Business Challenge

As an innovator, ActivePort didn’t want to be restricted by the pitfalls and manual configuration of traditional carrier and data center services platforms. Instead, it embraced SDN and NFV to give its customers on-demand delivery of network services, automated life-cycle management, and flexible cloud connectivity.

Technology Solution

ActivePort customers can use the NFX250 Network Services Platform, which hosts the vSRX Virtual Firewall to support virtual routing, security, and application policies, along with third-party virtual network functions for WAN optimization. The programmable NFX250 automates service activation and eliminates dependency on multiple, dedicated appliances on-premises. Customers also use SRX Series Firewalls for ultrafast firewalling and intrusion protection.

Business Results

The NFX250 platform allowed ActivePort to simplify and personalize network services delivery for its customers, while optimizing IT efficiency and driving greater revenue with additional virtualized offerings. ActivePort’s service orchestration enables customers to self-provision network services, such as next-generation firewall, and adjust bandwidth with fluctuating capacity demands.

"With our service orchestration portal and best-in-class, agile, flexible Juniper infrastructure, ActivePort is well positioned to capture the large opportunity for software-driven managed services."
Pat Cleary Chief Executive Officer, ActivePort